Welcome to Our Parish

Our parish was founded in 1888 in the town of Kings Park, which is located in Suffolk County, Long Island, in the great State of New York. At the time of our founding, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn consisted of both Kings and Queens Counties, as well as both Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

The growth of our parish mirrored the expansion of the adjacent Kings Park State Hospital which had been established in 1885. In what was then called a “Farm Colony”, the hospital provided residency for patients who worked in a variety of farm-related activities, which were considered to be a form of therapy at the time. The ever increasing patient population brought with it the opportunity for employment and the Kings Park community began to grow at a rapid pace. It didn’t take long for the Parish of St. Joseph to become the cornerstone of faith for the families of Kings Park.

In 1957 the Diocese of Rockville Centre was created from both Nassau and Suffolk Counties and all parishes east of the Queens/Nassau border became part of this newly created Diocese. Based on the population of Catholics, our diocese is the sixth largest in the United States and our parish is the ninth largest of the 133 parishes that comprise the diocese.

For 125 years our parish has occupied the corner of Church Street and Old Dock Road ~ and we’ve been the cornerstone of just about everything that has happened in the life of this beautiful community. From Baptisms to Funerals… and every major family event in between… St. Joseph’s has been part of the lives of the families in this community for multiple generations. We are celebrating our Jubilee Year and invite you to join us at any of the events listed below. We are proud of our past history, and with a resolute faith that mirrors our founding families, we look forward in hope to what the future holds!


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